The Bui Power Authority has formalized the allocation of lands and housing units, built as part of the compensation package, for the Project Affected People (PAPs) of the Bui Hydroelectric Project.  In this regard, the Authority will, on January 11, 2018, present land and housing... Read More
An amount of One Million, Seven Hundred and Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Nine Ghana Cedis and Forty Six Ghana Pesewas (GHS 1,708,609.46) was released to the Land Valuation Division of the Lands Commission for the payment of compensation to a total of 285 beneficiaries whose economic trees/crops... Read More
BPA Welfare on behalf of its members request Expression of Interest from Administrators and reputable School who have the expertise necessary in the setting up and the management of a new school to be located in the Bole district. 
The mandate of Bui Power Authority (BPA) which was created by Act 740, 2007 is to plan, execute and manage the Bui Hydroelectric Project. The implementation of the Bui Hydroelectric Project involved the construction of a dam at Bui and the inundation of over 440sq kilometres of land, at full... Read More
Bui Power Authority (BPA) as the custodian and manager of the Bui Hydroelectric Project has a responsibility to control the flow of water to ensure that the safety of the Bui Dam and its structures are not jeopardized.  Furthermore, to protect the lives and properties of inhabitants living... Read More
Bui Plant Capability The Bui Generating Station was commissioned in December 2013 to augment the power supply of the country. The plant was designed with a 70 year historical records of inflow into the Black Volta than can produce 969GWh/year. The three alternatives that can produce the 969GWh/... Read More
The reservoir created by the construction of the Bui Dam was designed to have a maximum water level of 183 meters above sea level (masl) and a minimum operating level for power generation of 168 masl.  By June 2011 construction of the dam had progressed sufficiently to allow the... Read More
The Government of Ghana has released an amount of Two Million, One Hundred and Sixteen Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Two Ghana Cedis (GHS 2,116,322) for the payment of compensation to beneficiaries whose crops and buildings/structures have been affected by the construction of Transmission... Read More
The Lands Valuation Division of the Lands Commission, acting on behalf of the Government of Ghana and with the assistance of the Bui Power Authority (BPA) has started the payment of the first batch of crop compensation to persons whose economy trees and crops have been affected by the ongoing Bui... Read More
Ghana’s second largest hydroelectric generating station, located on the boundary between the Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions, has been commissioned by the President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, stating that the country is on its way to becoming a major producer of power in West Africa. The $... Read More
The mandate of Bui Power Authority (BPA) is to plan, execute and manage the Bui Hydroelectric Project, including ensuring the smooth resettlement of 1,216 affected people. The development of the Bui Hydroelectric Project will involve the inundation of over 440 km2 of land, at the full supply... Read More
In line with the Bui Power Authority Act 2007 (ACT 740), extensive lands around the Bui gorge where the Bui Hydroelectric dam is being constructed have been acquired by Government by Executive Instrument 70 (E.I.70) of August 2008. These lands are found in the Bole district in the Northern... Read More