Press Release - 1st Media Encounter

The Bui Power Authority was established by an Act of Parliament, Bui Power Authority Act 740, 2007 with a mandate to plan, execute and manage the Bui Hydroelectric Project which includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Generation of electrical power for general industrial and domestic use.
  • Construction of a transmission system linked to the national grid.
  • Supply of electrical power to certified and licensed utility companies.
  • Promotion of activities consistent with the provision of facilities for multipurpose uses such as agro businesses, fisheries and tourism.

The Bui Generating Station (Bui GS) has three generating Units with each having a capacity to generate 133MW of power and a mini plant of 4MW, totaling 400MW. The commissioning of the 400MW Bui GS in December of 2013 thus added about 20% of installed hydro capacity to Ghana’s energy production.
Bui GS has, since its inauguration on December 19, 2013, been generating averagely 220MW of power/electricity daily.
The Bui GS is manned by a competent group of young Ghanaian Engineers and other staff ensuring that the Bui GS works efficiently. They are consistently trained by the Contractor, Sinohydro, and other experienced institutions both within the country and outside.
BPA is currently in contractual talks with Sinohydro to ensure that for the next five to ten years, they will assist BPA carry out major maintenance and procure spare parts for the various components of the Bui GS. 
BPA, this year, expanded focus to Renewable Energy. This was in line with the Ministry of Energy’s vision of increasing the Renewables to about 10% of the country’s energy mix. This means we should be looking at adding at least 500MW of renewable energy to the country’s energy generation. In this regard, BPA has expanded its Switchyard at the Bui GS to accommodate 250MW of solar-generated power. 
BPA will be the first hybrid generation plant by the end of 2018, combining hydro and solar power generation. The Authority intends to train more of its engineers and other staff in pursuing and accomplishing this very important tasks of meeting the Ministry of Energy’s target for Renewable Energy generation.

Further to this Renewable vision, BPA is 
1) prospecting six possible site for solar power generation in the three Northern Regions, 
2) commencing a 30kV generation from the Tsatsadu Falls in Volta Region
3) working with GS-WIND and the University of Ghana on wind energy generation
Our mandate to provide renewable energy for the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS) has spurred us on to developing a firm foundation to meet the government’s objective of achieving at least 10% of the national electricity load being of PV energy by 2020.
We have finished the testing and commissioning of 250MW Switchyard facilities purposely built to evacuate solar power. Adequate lands have been demarcated for solar parks to support the programme. Compensation to farmers have been settled. Permitting and licensing procedures are being followed. We are certain that construction works will start in the first quarter of next year in modules of 50MW pv solar park per project. 
Additionally, some appropriate sites in the 3 Northern regions have been acquired to ensure that solar parks are not concentrated at one location. Over a five year period there would be significant increase of pv energy in the power mix for the country.
BPA is thus appropriately positioned as the Renewable Energy Leaders powering green energy for Ghana.