What was the cost of constructing the dam?
The total cost of the project was estimated at US$622 million. The Government of Ghana provided US$60 million whiles the Eximbank of China provided a loan of US$562 million. (The US$562 million was made up of a Concessionary Loan of US$268.5 million and a Buyer’s Credit Loan of US$293.5 million).

The Bui Project however experienced a shortfall in project funding arising primarily from the unanticipated effects of the 2008 global financial upheavals as well as unforeseen essential works and the inadequacy of the budget provided for some line items in the EPC Contract, totaling US$168 million.

The Government of Ghana secured the additional funding in December, 2013 bringing the total Project cost to US$790 million.

Who was the Contractor?
Sinohydro Corporation of China

Who was the Consultant?
Coyne Et Bellier - Consulting Engineers from France now known as Tractabel Engineering

What is the maximum generation capacity of the Bui Dam?
About 400MW (about one-third of VRA’s production) and a net average annual energy production of 1000 gigawatt hour/year (GWh/yr).

How many Ghanaian artisans / labourers were employed on site?
At its peak, the project employed close to 6,000 people

How many Contractors’ Expatriate staff were employed on the site?
At its peak, the project had close to 300 Chinese and 80 Pakistanis

On which river has the Bui Dam been constructed?
Black Volta River

Where is the Project located?
On the border of the Bole (Northern Region) and Banda (Brong-Ahafo Region) districts in North-Western Ghana

What are the closest major towns to the Project?
Bamboi (31.5km), Wenchi (86km)

What is the crest elevation of the dam?
185 masl (metres above sea level)

What is the full supply level (F.S.L) of the dam?
183 masl

How high is the dam?
108 meters

Is the construction of the Bui City part of the project?
BPA continues to believe in the vision of a Bui City and is keen to pursue its realization. The reality however is that Bui City is still a concept for which no financial provision has been made yet. The realization of the Bui City concept depends upon the attraction of private investors to establish businesses in the area and also develop the different components of the city according to the needs of the businesses and residents.