Payment of Economic Assets Compensation

An amount of One Million, Seven Hundred and Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Nine Ghana Cedis and Forty Six Ghana Pesewas (GHS 1,708,609.46) was released to the Land Valuation Division of the Lands Commission for the payment of compensation to a total of 285 beneficiaries whose economic trees/crops and buildings/structures have been affected under the Bui Hydroelectric Project.

BPA collaborated with the Land Valuation Division (LVD) to pay compensation for those economic assets that were located at either within the 33Kv Transmission Line from Bui to Jama, Bongase-Banda road diversion, the Bui reservoir area or buildings/structures affected by the construction of the 161Kv Transmission Lines under the Bui Hydroelectric Project. 

Affected persons at Bongase community were paid on November 03 & 04, 2016. Beneficiaries at Jama and Sunyani were paid on the November 05, 2016 and November 06, 2016 respectively.

The exercise was smooth since the affected recipients of compensation came along with all the documents (i.e. National Identification Cards, passport size photos and a power of attorney) prerequisite for the payment of compensation by the LVD.